Shining the Spotlight on Bakers

The Spotlight

Each month, two bakers gets a more in-depth spotlight than a traditional feature.

Learn more about the face behind the treats! 

Hillary Robinson CakeyGnome

Bring a smile to your face every time you see a post from Hillary!


Part humor and part creative mastermind, her posts will have you laughing or inspired.


Sprinkle obsessed, her cakes are adorably charming.


Living her best cookie life, Marla truly loves her full-time cookie job.

Marla's talent and passion shines through in her cohesive cookie set stories.


Find out more about how this lady found the career of her dreams!

Image by Melissa Walker Horn

Bakers Spotlight features home bakers and bakeries.

Each Instagram feature, you get to learn more about fellow bakers in the community. 

BakersSpotlight is a growing community of positive and up-lifting bakers.

Simply tag BakersSpotlight in your photo or use #BakersSpotlight.

Whether you are into cake decorating, cookies, or just baking, Baker's Spotlight is the community for you! 

Image by James Coleman

Latest Instagram Features

Each post on BakersSpotlight gives you a brief intro to the face behind the cake (or cookie!)

Learn more about the creator of each sweet treat!

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