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Creativity unmatched, Stephanie adds a dash of pretty to any sweet treat she touches. Designing multiple cake faces for every major holiday, TallGirlBakes' Insta is one feed to find constant cake inspo!


Inspiring Content Creator

A true content creator, Stephanie designs multiple styles of cakes for every major holiday. Stephanie's ability to create is an exciting addition to the baker's community on Instagram. Every new post adds a little bit of inspiration to create your own treats. Stephanie's positive, up-lifting, and family-focused attitude inspires others to spread the love.

She has perfected many cake styles. Adding cake trends, flowers, or taking her own unique creative spin, Stephanie's cakes come out perfect and dreamy. Stephanie truly does love the creative process of cake decorating, and always strives to try new things.

Diving more into video content creation, Stephanie's videos have become very popular on Instagram. For Cake Top Tuesday, she demonstrated how she used multiple tips to pipe a stunning design (see the video here!). Featuring the tools + techniques she uses her videos help you to get the cake look at home!

TallGirlBakes gets her user from being a tall lady- she's between 6ft and 6'1"! In college, Stephanie used her height to play volleyball at the University of Tennessee (which she so happened to get a full-ride scholarship to!). Exercise is still a stress reliever and health outlet for Stephanie. She now participates in local volleyball tournaments and loves to lift weights!


The Interview

1. What is one of your favorite baking memories?

My favorite cake memory is when I made my first cake for one of my kids birthdays. It was a Barbie cake. You know, the one with the cake as the skirt and then you stick a Barbie thru the top? My oldest was 5 and was so excited for it! I cringe when I look at it now, but at the time I was so proud of it. Making my kids their birthdays cakes is what got me into cakes!

2. From your cake decorating style to your actual photos, your Insta-feed is gorgeous! What's your favorite part of being a cake content creator?

I love the creativity! I don’t feel I have a certain style and really enjoy challenging myself to try new designs and techniques. When I give something new a try and it turns out amazing... that’s my favorite part for sure!

3. This or That Cake Style! Choose which one describes your cake style!

**Stephanie's Choices are bold + underlined!**


Cute  vs  Pretty

Spring/Summer Themes vs Fall/Winter

Candy Decorations  vs Sprinkles

Measure ingredients in Grams vs Cups

Fondant vs Buttercream

Decorate with Flowers or Decorate with Cookies

Only be allowed to eat cookies or cakes?

4. Outside of cake decorating, what else sparks joy in your life?

I love spending time with my husband and kids. When they are happy, I’m happy! I also love to workout and go to the gym often. It helps me keep an active lifestyle and is a great stress reliever for me!


5. Orange cupcakes, White Chocolate Coconut and Salted Caramel are just a sampling of your unique cake flavors on your feed. Do you have a favorite flavor to experiment with?

I don’t think I’m very adventurous when it comes to flavors! I stick to the tried and true combos that most people love. I love anything with salted caramel so I use that a lot!

6. How did you get into cake baking + decorating?

I started out learning to do cakes for my kids, but quickly feel in love with learning new recipes and fine tuning my favorites. It brings people joy and I love surprising friends with treats!


Mega Cake Inspo

Big holiday coming up? Head to TallGirlBake's page for some inspiration on how to decorate your next cake!

Producing multiple styles of cake for every holiday, Stephanie's creative aptitude is one that is unmatched.

For any special occasion in your own life, Stephanie can effortlessly blend your personality and the event into perfect cake for you!


More Than Just Cakes!

Macrons, Cakecicles + More

Stephanie brings her pretty touch to bite-sized treats!

Her macrons have gotten a *little* more attention recently. Fun macron shapes like rainbows, pot of gold and even baby Yoda are some of her recent creations.

The best part? You can watch the cute shapes come to life in her videos!


Love her cakes? Found out something new about Stephanie?

Leave a comment below!

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