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Positive, uplifting, and an adorable cookie maker, Mik makes your life sweeter with more than just cookies!


The Globetrotting Cookier

Having been in the cookie creator world for only 2 years, this lady is taking the cookie world by storm. On Halloween 2017, Mik picked up her first piping bag to create treats for her party guests (Peep her first cookie set here!). The rest is history- Mik has built a cookie empire.

Mik's cute cookie business has garnered 28K followers on Instagram and turned her home into a mini cookie factory. Having to bake + package hundreds of cookies at a time is no small feat!

Nowadays, Mik's cookie career has taken off in a different avenue- cookie decorating classes! Recently flying 3,000 from her home in LA to NYC, Mik taught at a cookie decorating class at the Tiny Monster Academy.


Traveling is a passion of Mik's, and teaching cookie decorating classes helps her travel the country with her boyfriend, Spencer. While NYC was one of her bigger travels to teach a class, Mik also teaches closer in states closer to her, like Washington State and Nevada.

Infectiously positive, it's hard not to feel inspired, uplifted, and encouraged from Mik's posts! Mik truly appreciates all of the connections she has made in the cookie community. Sharing her tips + tricks and being a voice of encouragement, Mik is always giving back to the community.


The Interview

1. Congrats on hosting a cookie decorating class 3,000 miles away from your home! What is one moment you will cherish from the experience?
Ah! Thank you— yes, allll the way across the country. It was scary to say the least. And I was so unsettled up until we got to the class studio.

So the moment I’ll cherish forever is literally the moment of seeing Tiny Monster Academy when I pulled up, the feeling is hard to describe. But it just felt like any fears I had melted away and it was as if the space engulfed me in a giant warm, cookie-scented hug.

I was in good hands and felt ready to take it on!

2. “Make connections, find happiness, seek freedom, and bring positivity to this world" you posted as your goal with cookie baking. What recent memory did you feel you accomplished one of those goals?
Yep! Those are things I really strive to embody in everything I do with cookie baking. If I’m not actively doing any of these things, I’m likely getting bored!

But in recent memory, headed to New York did all of these things, in particular: I had a student signed up for my baking class, Jamie, and she expressed her excitement many times leading up which made me very excited to meet her, so when we finally got to meet in person & she was the first student I met — I instantly felt the connection, her happiness radiated and my nerves were gone! Yay for new cookie friends!

Having the class brought Jamie and each student so much happiness, which in return always makes me happy. A simple cookie class whether it was for baking or decorating, brought positivity to their lives and while I’m sitting up there teaching a class, I feel free because I made the decision to be up there and I did it.

So like I said, I really try to feel ALL these things, connection, happiness, positivity & freedom, in all I do!

3. What one theme, occasion or holiday would you pick if you can only decorate using that style for the rest of your life?
Halloween forever and ever! I could never get tired of all things spooky— the month is never long enough for me to get all of my ideas onto a cookie anyways!

4. Outside of baking, what other hobbies, passions or topics interest you?
I work to travel and my boyfriend, Spencer, and I really love to go on long road trips or take day trips to our local mountains. I’ll work for 9 days straight if it means I can take 3-5 days off to enjoy the outdoors! Depending on the season we’ll go camping, hiking, and paddle boarding in the summer and we spend our winters hunting for powder and snowboarding any chance we get.

5. Love the little quote on your page “What makes life sweet to you?” What do you believe is the sweetest part of life?
Aw, thank you!! That’s a hint at a big project I’m working on!
The sweetest part of life for me, is that I’m fully in charge of my life, my happiness, and my goals. What I’ve chosen to do in life gives me the ability to work at a pace I’m comfortable with, allows me to take time off to see my family often, brings me connections with people I truly need in my life, the outcome of my work brings literal joy to people’s lives, being a small part of someone’s big day is beyond amazing, and the entire experience of cookie life has made me love and appreciate Spencer so much more.

Not many partners would embrace the things he has; but he helps make my cookie world go round, and without him it wouldn’t be as sweet (or possible!!)

6. Let’s say you can choose anywhere in the world to host a cookie decorating class. Where would you choose?
My very own studio would be nice!! I just don’t know (quite yet) where in the world that may be...


Ever want to know what the life of a cookier is like? Head on over to Mik's Youtube channel!

Mik's channel takes you through shopping for baking supplies, baking + decorating AND how she ships out large cookie orders!

Her most recent video shows how she prepped for her major cookie decorating class in NYC.

Want to learn insider cookie tips + tricks? Her channel has that too.

Knowing more about the face behind the cookies makes the cookies just a little more special! 

Mik has several Vlogs on her channel where you can get to know her just a little bit better!

Youtube Star

Cookie Classes

What's Behind the Magic?

Anytime Mik hosts a cookie class, there is a ton of planning + execution that goes into each special event.

While picking out the cookie to create may be the funnest part, there are other logistics in hosting events.

Deciding cookie class levels, class length and flow, are all essential to teaching a great cookie class.

With Mik's cookie decorating expertise + experience in planning, her classes are a real treat.

Love her cookies? Found out something new about Mik?

Leave a comment below!

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