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Get to know this sweet treat + sprinkled obsessed lady who is about to embark on a very exciting new path in 2020.

OKC Sweets is filled with peppy colors, surprising flavors, and sprinkles!


The Lover Of All Things Sweet + Sprinkled!

Previously being a middle school orchestra teacher, Stefanie always loved reading cookbooks and occasionally baking. When Stefanie became a stay-at-home mom she fell hard into baking.


Starting out, she baked for friends and family. After many tasty treats and encouragement from her dessert lovers, she finally took the plunge in to a baking biz.

In 2018, OKC Sweets was born! OKC Sweets is a duo team of both Stefanie and her husband. Stefanie handles all things baking + decorating, while her husband handles the business side of things.Stefanie also handles all things Instagram related.


Two years later, Stefanie has over 40K people following her Instagram. She's formed many new friends across the globe. Her biz has grown successfully and she is about to take a big step in her baking path in 2020!

With her teaching education, Stefanie loves to film how she decorates her cakes, so you can learn too! One of Stefanie's baking dreams would be to teach others in-person how to decorate a cake, paint designs on desserts, and how to bake from scratch!

Taste AND looks are important to the perfect cake at OKC Sweets. Stefanie has put some serious time in to perfecting classic and unique flavors. Lemon-Lavender, Peppermint, peanut butter, and brown sugar spice are just a few stand-out flavors featured on her page.


 Her hope is that the entire experience from looking at the cake to tasting will be joyful.


While you may not be able to taste her cakes through the screen, her posts are sure to delight!

The Interview

1. In your Voyage Houston interview, you mentioned flavor quality helps set your cakes apart. What cake/icing flavors do you feel you have mastered?
I love creating cakes with amazing flavor! Vanilla is so classic but can be hard to get right. My dad is a vanilla cake connoisseur, and mine is his favorite of all time. The only thing he likes better are my chocolate chip cookies. Another favorite is my chocolate cake. It pairs perfectly with my espresso buttercream and is always a crowd-pleaser! There are so many that I love-
my carrot cake and red velvet are also really delicious, and another one I do that’s unique is a lemon-lavender. It’s fantastic with a honey vanilla buttercream!

2. On the flip-side, are there any flavors you want to explore more?
I hope I never stop exploring flavors! Lately, I’ve been wanting to dive into more fruit & nut flavors- figs, cherries, and pistachios are just a few that I’m looking forward to work with.

3. You have such an adorable family! Do they ever assist with your baking or decorating?
Thank you! I love them so much! We do bake together from time to time. One way I’ve found to help things run smoothly is to have all the ingredients pre-measured out. Then they each get to help add them in and mix everything up. I do the same with the decorating- get everything ready and then let them go to town! Occasionally I find them under the table with a bag of leftover frosting in their mouths. They love sweets as much as I do!

4. Are there any standout baking moments you feel proud of?
Not long after I started OKC Sweets I had the opportunity to create a rainbow cake for a DreamWorks stop animation Trolls short. It was such a unique experience and I loved being a part of that! Other moments that really stand out to me are probably the ones when people tell me that whatever I’ve made for them is the best they’ve ever tasted. It’s so wonderful to be a part of people’s special moments in life!

5. What would your dream birthday cake look like? Any particular flavors you would choose?
My dream birthday cake would probably be a layer of chocolate and a layer of vanilla with pastry cream and fresh fruit in the middle. Covered in whipped cream. Yum!

6. From new piping techniques to new dessert types- you really try it all! What was the most recent new baking experiment you did?
I’ve really been working to perfect my macarons. They’re finicky little things, but I’m loving the versatility of flavors and colors that go with them and look forward to branching out even more!

7. A few days ago on an Insta post, you mentioned you have some wild 2020 plans. Any hints?
I’m so close to announcing, just not quite ready! Hopefully in the next few weeks! ️


Cake Tops

No side of the cake is left untouched by Stefanie! Her cake tops get just a *little* extra magic.

Fancy piping, sprinkles, and coordinated colors come together that always surprise and delight. 

Eating a slice of one of Stefanie's cakes is an experience! No matter which way you look at the slice, it will be pretty!

Every Tuesday, bakers will post cake tops to #CakeTopTuesday. Stefanie may just be the cake top queen!


More Than Just Cakes!

A true lover of sweets, Stefanie's feed doesn't only highlight buttercream cakes!

Cookies, cupcakes, and macrons, all of her sweet treats are done in her distinct style.

Brightly colored, perfectly sprinkled, and adorable, you can tell when one of her treats on her feed.

Trying new mediums, Stefanie has also adventured into chocolate covered pretzels and caramel apples.


One more reason to follow Stefanie's baking journey: something amazing is in the works this 2020.

Being very close to announcing just what is next in her baking journey, her Instagram is one to continue to check! 

What else is on Stefanie's mind for 2020? Igniting a new mission for OKC Sweets.

As a Christian woman, Stefanie's goal is to make people feel encouraged, loved, and share in some laughter! 

New Year, New Goals.

Love her cakes? Found out something new about Stefanie?

Leave a comment below!

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