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layer rainbow cake and 
whip cream backg



Recently Featured

Every month, two bakers in the BakersSpotlight community gets an in-depth feature.

Get to know more about the personalities behind your favorite desserts on Instagram!

Know someone who deserves to be featured? Nominate them here!



Starting out her cake journey creating custom cakes for clients, Laura has diversified her cake biz.


Thinking outside-the-cake box, Laura has added new cake services AND started her own online store.

Fun + sophisticated cake style, Laura's cakes will have you enchanted! 



Expert Texture player + world-traveler, Jaina finds inspiration in colors, textures, flavors and patterns of the world.

Queen of cakecicles? She just might be!



Positive, uplifting, and an adorable cookie maker, Mik makes your life sweeter with more than just cookies!



Recently hitting 100,000 followers on Instagram, 2020 is sure to be the year of Rachel! Being featured on Buzzfeed and having taken over Wilton's Instagram is just the start for this leading lady.



Living her best cookie life, Marla truly loves her full-time cookie job.

Marla's talent and passion shines through in her cohesive cookie set stories.


Find out more about how this lady found the career of her dreams!



Middle School orchestra teacher turned full-time caker, Stefanie has very exciting plans for 2020.

Find out more about Stefanie before she embarks on a new journey!



Daring to be bold, Kendra always surprises and delights with unique cake mediums, textures, and splashes of color!

Meet the lady who lives as colorful as her cakes!



A year into the sugar schemin' game, Christina has come A LONG way.


Nailing down her signature style and exploring new mediums is just the beginning of this lady's journey.



Traveling Cookies and "Cookie Your Cake" are two of Murrahs's  phenomenal creative series.

Murrah is an engaging member of the community who bridges the gap between cookiers and cakers!



Amassing over 120K followers on Instagram, visiting Wilton's HQ, and working with Bloomingdales at Pop-up shops, this Chicagoan baker is sure to be a renown baker!

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