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Starting out her cake journey creating custom cakes for clients, Laura has diversified her cake biz. Thinking outside-the-cake box, Laura has added new cake services AND started her own online store.


The Cake Entrepreneur

Lolo_Loves_Cakes has a fun and elegant cake style. Flowers and mini bottles of alcohol are creative ways Laura gets the party started with her cakes! Florals add a regal and sophisticated feel to her style. Pops of fun additions like donuts, cookies, and candy add a delightful extra treat to your special moment.

Not afraid of playing with texture, Laura adds multiple cake decorating components: different layered + textured frosting, expertly placed sprinkles, and fun cake toppers! All her creative choices blend seamlessly together- no matter your cake style preference.

When it comes to the biz side of things, Laura thinks outside-the-cake-box.  Over the last two years, Laura has expanded her cake business in new ways. One of her offerings (Pre-2020) are private cake parties! In the comfort of your own home, Laura teaches up to 10 guests how to create a cake design of your choice. Bringing all the materials required, all you need is a good company. What a luxurious experience!

In September, Laura's business shifted to her new online store, Buttercream and Caffeine! The store offers simple but stylish apparel that bakers and cake lovers alike will love. Buttercream and Caffeine's inventory is selectively curated from women-owned small businesses. Now you can express your cake passion AND support small businesses! 

Outside of baking, Laura is a mother of 4, a wife AND a Director of Operations for an IT company. Laura's life may be busy, but she always makes time for her passion for crafting cakes!


The Interview

1. Your cakes expertly layer color, texture and fun cake additions! The designs are so cohesive and fun. Do you have a process for deciding how all these elements come together?

I feel like my cake designs are a direct reflection of my personality and personal style.  I like color, vibrance, texture and an over the top yet refined glam.  It’s hard for me to rein it in so I usually take my list of signature design elements and then pick 3 or 4 that I think will work for the customer.  Something I also take pride in is that I have never made the same design twice.  I’ll always put a unique spin on all my cakes.

2. After creating so many gorgeous cakes, do you have any cakes that stick out in your mind?

My favorite cakes are always my girly glam cakes.  I am a sucker for the champagne bottle, fresh florals and gold highlights. I love that this style can be used for almost any celebratory event and the color combinations are endless.  If I was a style of cake, this would be it!

3. LoLo turned 1 year old in March! Was there anything that surprised you or challenged you in that first year?

The first year of any business is always the hardest.  I was lucky enough to have an amazing support system that was always willing to taste test, order cakes and promote my local business.  With that being said, the main hurdle was figuring out pricing and what my cakes were worth.  I think it’s worth mentioning  that this is an ever evolving process.  I am still tweaking my prices based off of demand, ingredient cost and my skill level.

4. What goals or dreams do you have for your cake baking career in the years to come?

In the next year I am focusing on, not only my cakes and cake parties, but a small business coaching platform that is specifically geared towards home bakers. I love teaching and I know I can help the home baker who  looking to increase profits and turn their hobby baking into a career path. 

5. How did you get into baking + decorating cakes?

Cakes were always a big deal growing up.  In Boston, every family had a specific bakery or cake lady that they ALWAYS got their cakes from.  Going to the grocery store was not even an option for a cake.  The cake was an event, it was planned, thought about, and discussed for weeks! If a party was being planned the first question that was asked was “where are you getting the cake from” and the second question was “what kind of cake are you getting”.  Fast forward to a few years ago.  I was done having kids (4 is enough!), my career in IT was on auto pilot and I was really looking for a creative outlet.  I have always loved to cook, bake and entertain so dabbling in cakes seemed like a natural fit and it quickly became a passion.

6. Since September, your focus has shifted to your new + cute online store, Buttercream And Caffeine! How did this fun biz idea come about?

Buttercream and Caffeine is a fun little business experiment that turned into an actual fully fledged company.  I was looking for cute (but not cheesy) baking inspired apparel and I just wasn’t seeing anything that I liked.  I was getting custom items made for myself and I thought that there could be a market out there for well made, cute clothes and accessories at an affordable price. I am really excited to take B and C to the next level in 2021.


Floral Beauties

Laura's signature cake toppers are florals! While she still nails cakes without flowers, her floral cakes pack a punch.

Whether your cake style is elegant, trendy, or cute LoLo has you covered! 

See some of her floral creations below.


Buttercream & Caffeine

Cakes Meet Fashion!

LoLo has meticulously created and curated a selection of fashionable finds. Centered around the theme of cakes, each item shows off your love for all things sweet.

Supporting women-owned small businesses is critical to Buttercream & Caffeine's mission. All items are sourced by creative ladies. who you can meet here!

Have a baker you need to shop for the Holidays? Buttercream & Caffeine's specialties are: simple but stylish clothes, candles, jewelry, and other surprising finds!


Love her cakes? Found out something new about Laura?

Leave a comment below!

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