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Daring to be bold, Kendra always surprises and delights with unique cake mediums, textures, and splashes of color!

Meet the lady who lives as colorful as her cakes!


The Avant-garde Artist

If you see a lady with some serious style holding a artsy cake pop up on your feed, it's bound to be Kendra.

Not only does Kendra decorate her cakes in artistic and flashy colors, she LIVES that way!

Always in the pursuit of the unique and colorful, you can tell she truly embodies her creative ambitions.


Scrolling through her feed, you will see her rock various hair colors, creative outfits, and her infamous cakes. Creativity ruins in this lady's veins!

Creating cakes and desserts that are completely unique and tailored to the person is the vision behind WildChild Cake's. While Kendra specializes in eclectic, artistic, and Boho chic styles, with her creative vision, she can make anything happen.

Working with a variety of edible mediums, Kendra pushes the boundaries on cake decorations. (Question #4 highlights what unexpected medium she is currently obsessed with!)

Textures, colors, and uncommon cake decorations all come together to create a special + delightful cake.

Always trying new things, Kendra will continuously surprise you with a new cake decorating medium!

The Interview

1. Your cakes are some of the most creative cakes I’ve seen on Instagram! Where do you get your inspiration from?

To be honest I have no idea!! Haha Usually from my own head but if not then from fashion, art and even nature.. 


2. Love how your cakes are always so intricate- they must take a ton of time! Which cake did you spend the longest on?

Seems most of my cakes are for clients. I always have a 2 day max on baking and decorating, cause cakes should be tasty not just pretty! 


3. What other aspects of your life do you love to be creative?

Myself! Haha I love reflecting my personality in how I dress, sometimes I get stares and silly comments but I honestly don’t care it makes me happy and that’s all that counts! 


4. Flowers, sprinkles, candy, chocolate creations, and unique frosting textures all have been featured on your cakes. What decorating mediums do you love to decorate with the most?

Oh don’t make me pick! Haha 

At the moment I’m loving rice paper and rice noddles (crazy I know!) but I never like to stick with one medium for too long so I’m currently searching for the next big thing! 


5. When it comes to decorating, what is your #1 tip or advice?

Always push, experiment and be unique! Cakes these days are only getting bigger and more crazy, so to stay ahead of the game you’ve gotta go a bit crazy yourself! 


6. If you could go to any country right now, where would you go and why?

Omg I love traveling so that’s a hard question... Personally I love America! I’d love to fly over and meet some of my American cake friends that would really be amazing! 

Top Collab Contributor

Kendra always shines through in any community collab she creates for.

Always colorful and a little abstract, her contributions are masterpieces!

Can you match the cakes to the collab theme below? Write a comment with your guess!

  • Birthday Brites

  • Around the World Cake Collab

  • Disney Villians

  • Taylor Swift Lovers Collab

Fashion Fanatic

Always Daring to Be Creative

Loud clothing, non-traditional makeup, and colorful hair doesn't scare Kendra!

Outside of her cake creations, Kendra shares how she expresses outside of the kitchen.

From lavender, to pink to dusty blue, Kendra has had just about every hair color.

Seriously statement-making outfits + makeup are paired with coordinating cakes.

Stay for the cakes, leave with a little more inspo to live colorfully!

Love her cakes? Found out something new about Kendra?

Leave a comment below!

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