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Recently hitting 100,000 followers on Instagram, 2020 is sure to be the year of Rachel! Being featured on Buzzfeed and having taken over Wilton's Instagram is just the start for this leading lady.

What's even better? She is as just sweet as her cakes!

Rachel Fujihara

Queen of the Sprinkles!

With two little girls and a husband in ER residency, this is one busy lady! Luckily, Rachel enjoys being a night owl and this is when most of her cake magic happens.

Almost two year ago, Rachel started her cake making business when she made a succulent cake for her sister-in-law baby sprinkle. Falling in love with the decorating process, she hasn't looked back!

Rachel is a cake perfectionist. Each cake design is piped to perfection. Every sprinkle is placed precisely where she intends it to go.


The result of her perfectionism creates stunning designs that are expertly created. Rachel is a self-taught cake maker, which makes her creations that much more impressive. 

Being a Christian, her faith is very important to her.

Her cake philosophy?

"I like making cake, cake makes people happy, and I like making people happy. 🤗😘"


The Interview

Q1. What flavor is your favorite cake?

White...I’m pretty basic  😂😏

Q2. Describe your baking style in 3 words!

Precise, sprinkly (is that not a word, because it definitely should be 🤩), and colorful!


Q3. Think back to your most challenging cake creation. What was it and why was it challenging?

My first wedding cake! It was so stressful for me. I had never stacked cakes before and it was a three tier! My heart would race when I’d think about it, I’d also wake up in the middle of the night thinking about...I was loosing sleep over it which is so unlike me. Shoot, my period was even late that month because I was so stressed about it. 😂Needless to say, I don’t do wedding cakes anymore. I definitely admire those who do! Not an easy undertaking, that’s for sure!

Q4. Outside of baking, what else do you enjoy doing?

Family! I have 2 girls, ages 3 & 4! They require A LOT of attention, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way, they are such a blessing! 🥰 I have to throw my husband in there too 😉. He’s what makes this hobby a reality for me 🙌 He’s also my favorite encourager and supporter. We all love doing life together. 🤗 I want to include my faith also, as it is the biggest aspect of my life, without the bloodshed of Jesus Christ, I would have/be absolutely nothing. I’m so thankful for the perfect life, death, and resurrection my Savior! 🙌

Q5. Do you have any baking dreams or goals you want to accomplish?

Honestly, not really 🙈 I NEVER would’ve expected to be where I am when I started this journey just less than two years ago. 😱In just that past month, I had the opportunity to do a Wilton takeover, and I reached 100K followers on Instagram? I honestly can’t even believe it. 😭😍 ...if my baking career were to die right now, I’d be pretty content 😌(but also really sad, so don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere 😉).  Anytime a new opportunity pops up I am completely blown away and humbled. 🥰

Q6. Your cakes are gorgeously decorated from top to bottom. What is your favorite part of the cake to decorate?

Thank you so much! 🥰 I’d have to say Sprinkle placement, hands down! 🙌

It sure is a lot of work, but the end result is so so worth it, and I feel like it’s a decorating style that sets me apart from other bakers 😌


Wilton Takeover!

On October 23rd, Rachel took over Wilton's Instagram to show their following how to recreate an adorable candy corn cake (shown on the left)!

Over 4 posts, Rachel showed in 3 videos step-by-step instructions on how to conquer this striped cake.

Each video showed you exactly how to do each step. On every description, Rachel gave out some very helpful pointers to make each step a little bit easier.

While Halloween may be over, her great advice is perfect to transition into any season!

Her three videos received over 400,000 views! The final creation gathered a ton of love - 35K likes. 

On Wilton's Insta

Video #1 Tackling the Stripes >> 

Video #2 Adding Details >> 

Video #3 Finishing the Top! >>

Buzzfeed Feature

Rachel's Dreamy cakes where featured TWICE on

Buzzfeed's article "The 21 Coolest Birthday Cakes on Instagram"

On the left, her Unicorn-colored cake was ranked #1 on the article!

Further down the list at #18, was her rainbow macaroon cake. 

Love her cakes? Found out something new about Rachel?

Leave a comment below!

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