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Bring a smile to your face every time you see a post from Hillary! Part humor and part creative mastermind, her posts will have you laughing or inspired. Sprinkle obsessed, her cakes are adorably charming.



Late 2018, Hillary started her baking journey. Two years later, Hillary nailed down her signature style, mastered photography + styling sweet treats, and became a gem in the baker's community!

CakeyGnome's page is a blend of humor and awe-inspiring treats that will bring a smile to your face. Whether it's from a funny video she shares OR cheerful colored dessert photography, her page adds a little more fun to any Instagram feed.

Cookies, ice cream cones, candy, and of course SPRINKLES are some of Hillary's go-tos when it comes to cake decorating. Hillary also experiments with other cake toppers, like toys and flowers. No matter what or how many decorations she uses, Hillary's cakes come together in a cohesive story.

Outside of baking, Hillary is a mom to 5 children (one born this year!) and aims for a self-sufficient lifestyle. Her husband hunts and grows their food and together they raise chickens. Their dream would to live off-the-grid!

Her baking aspirations include being featured in a magazine and baking a cake for The Pioneer Woman! With her stunning styled photography and creative cakes, her dreams might just be around the corner.

Hillary Robinson CakeyGnome

The Interview

1. What has been your favorite cake trend over the last few years?
My absolute favorite cake trend will always be the ice cream cakes! I love seeing all the ways people will put ice cream cones on cakes. They just scream fun!

2. Your work is so creative and precisely constructed! Do you come from an artistic background? 
That is so sweet! I’ve never had an artistic bone in my body. I know that sounds weird! I started watching How To Cake It YouTube’s at night for almost a year before attempting to make a cake. I just watched. I loved it. One day, I made one and it turned out. I started following other bakers and trying out techniques. It came so natural. I started up Cakey Gnome after I had probably made 3 cakes and have never looked back!

3. In your introduction last year, you wrote you started your baking journey with a toaster oven!! How has your baking method start and change over the years?
Oh, goodness! The dreaded toaster oven! When I started, I didn’t have a working oven. I could only bake one layer at a time! It was awful. I couldn’t take many orders because I physically couldn’t bake the cakes in time. When I finally got a working oven, the gates opened up! I finally could do more than 2 orders in a weekend and participate in more collaborations with bakers!

4. The holiday marathon is right around the corner... Do you have a favorite holiday you like to create baked goods for?
I love holiday baking! It’s so hard picking between Halloween and Christmas baking. I think Christmas will always have my heart though. From Christmas cookies to all the traditional goodies. I just can’t get enough. I’ll definitely be doing more Christmas house cookies this year!

5. What are your favorite parts of creating a cake?
I think my favorite part of creating a cake is all the final touches. Adding all the last little details that make a cake so magical. Maybe adding a little extra colorful sprinkles, spraying on some edible glitter or putting on a touch of gold leaf. It’s all the little, final touches that stick out to me on a cake.

6. Finally... you may just be the BIGGEST sprinkle lover on Instagram. What makes a sprinkle mix good to you?
I think you might be right! Sprinkles are like jewelry for me! The best sprinkles will always be anything with pastel colors. I’m just drawn to them! I love mixes that have nonpareils with jimmies and tiny stars. Any sprinkles that make me feel like a kid again is a sprinkle mix for me!


Captivating Content Creator

Hillary has partnered up with many brands to create STUNNING photography.

Goodie Girl Cookies, Sweetapolita, and Make Bake Shop are just some of the companies Hillary has partnered up with.

Brightly colored and perfectly flat-laid, her photography cheers up any Instagram feed!


Sprinkle Lover

Meticulously placed, every creation by CakeyGnome has a thought-out sprinkle plan.

Creating unique shapes from sprinkles and expertly positioned dragees, Hillary adds a little (or a lot!) of pizzazz to each design.


Love her cakes? Found out something new about Hillary?

Leave a comment below!

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