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**Sasha's Main Account Has been Hacked, Please follow her new account, @SashaCakesChicago **

Achieving over 120K followers on Instagram, visiting Wilton's HQ, and working with Bloomingdales at Pop-up shops, this Chicagoan baker is sure to be a renown baker!


Lover of France AND color!

Born in Ukraine/Russia area, Sasha grew up around French music, movies, and bakes (courtesy of her grandmother and mother!).

After visiting Paris with her husband and friends, she vowed to master French desserts 1.5 years ago.

Since that trip, Sasha has mastered macaroons, mousse, pastries, tarts, profiteroles and more!

With 12 and 10 year old boys, and 3 year old daughter (Sasha and her husband finally got a little Princess!💖), Sasha became very dedicated to learning how to make her kids birthday treats. She is all self-taught and always open to share her knowledge, tips, tricks, and tutorials with her followers!

Sasha comes from creative and analytical backgrounds, holding degrees in Music Arts (Piano) and Accounting

Prior to getting involved in cake decorating, she was a makeup artist and account executive for a few cosmetics companies. That is when Sasha started to get addicted to colors and experimenting with them!

The Interview

Q1. Congratulations on being invited by Wilton to their HQ! What was the best part?

Thank you very much! The best part was to truly experience "bake your world happy", which is what Wilton really stands for! Every hard working, creative, and dedicated team member that I have met that day delighted me with warmest welcome and shared highlights of their projects and responsibilities.


Q2. Your designs are always so unique - Where do you get cake inspiration from?

Truly thank you, it really means a lot! Inspiration is everywhere to me, from colors of the current season or holiday, to nature, sprinkles, as well as our incredible baking community!


Q3. What cake did you have the most fun creating and why?

I had the most fun with creating the candy filled fault line cake! 😁🍬🍭 I've played with candy melts and molds, making these fun candies which inspired me to put together a double textured fault line cake.


Q4. All of your cakes are a burst of color! If you only had three colors to decorate with, what ones would you pick?

I would pick deep turquoise, soft pink, and red! :)


Q5. Outside of baking, do you have any other creative outlets you enjoy?

Yes! I love crafting and doing any outdoor activities with my husband and three kids, listening to music, and playing piano!



Q6. It's almost a New Year... what do you think will be the biggest cake trend in 2020?

I feel that the biggest cake trend of 2020 will be painted cakes - from edible colors to buttercream and even ganache.

Working with Wilton!

Sasha had a long-standing history working with Wilton before she was invited to visit their HQ.

In February of this year, Sasha created a Valentine's day cake for Wilton. Receiving 12K likes, this was just the start to her relationship with this famous baking brand! 

As a guest blogger on the Wilton blog, Sasha walks us through how to re-create her tall donut cake.

What ingredients + supplies you need, and step-by-step instructions can be found here!

Wilton's Instagram also loves to feature Sasha's creations. If you follow the account, you surely have seen her most recent Christmas Tree cake (which received over 22k likes!) and Breast Cancer Awareness Cake pop up on their feed! 

With such a successful relationship, I am sure we will see more of Wilton and Sasha working together.



October 2018 Sasha was invited to participate in a Wedding Registry event, "Fall in Love at Bloomingdales"

The event showcased Bloomingdales offerings so guests could get ahead start on their registry.

A variety of wedding vendors, including Sasha, were also invited to demonstrate their products and services. 

Sasha displayed her infamous treats: a macaroon tower, a tart cake, and this fabulous mini-wedding cake!

Love her cakes? Found out something new about Sasha?

Leave a comment below!

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